The online image of your businessPRESENTATION SITE

Making a presentation site is the easiest way to promote your online business.

We focus on delivering quality web sites to our clients. Through the process of creating a website, we ensure that the message sent by the company's brand will be captured in the design of the site, and will be easily transmitted to the visitors. Also, as each business and company is unique, a website must be unique. The site structure will be optimized to make it easy to use by potential customers and partners.

Presentation site features:

  • Custom design
  • 100% optimized on mobile
  • HTML, CSS + Java Script
  • Unlimited presentation pages
  • Slideshow homepage
  • Custom logo
  • Contact form
  • Offer request form
  • Social Media integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Photo gallery
  • Bilingual (RO+ENG)
  • Website Content Protection
  • Live chat support
  • Domain + Hosting 3GB
site de prezentare

What is a presentation site?

It's your online business card. When done, the website is a "one time" investment, but you will benefit from it in the long run. A professionally designed site must represent your business, keep the information that customers expect to find. Statistics show that over 70% of Romanians are first analyzing the internet market before buying a product or service, and today the online presence of a business can make the difference between success or failure. A professional website can turn a visitor into a client. The best way to understand the importance of a professional presentation site is to look at it as a "salesperson". When a potential customer reaches your site, he has to convince the client that he has found exactly what he is looking for, the solution to his problem.