Search Engine OptimizationSEO ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION

SEO Oprimization features:

  • Relevant keyword research
  • Add keywords
  • Title optimization
  • Optimize description
  • Optimize meta tags
  • Optimize image size
  • Optimize image names
  • Content optimization
  • GooglePageSpeed optimization
  • Clean source code
  • Create sitemap.xml file
  • Create robots.txt
  • Sign up for Google Maps
  • Sign up for Google Business
  • Sign up for web directories
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Optimize for tablet / mobile
  • Create and install Favicon
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What is SEO Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is a process of improving the visibility of web sites or web pages in the ordering of search results in the search engine list. SEO is a subcategory of SEM online marketing, the practice that emerged in 1990, with the emergence of the first sites on the Internet, and which represents the totality of techniques by which a website is brought to a form in which it is propelled up the list the results of a search engine for various keywords, increasing the quality of the site's traffic and the user experience. This relatively new industry involves a set of operations performed by the promotion team to increase the position of a website in the search results list, for some key words, expressions, interesting and relevant from the point of view of the respective business.

SEO ON-PAGE: as the name implies, is the cumulative amount of all actions within the site in order to correct / modify any errors as well as analyzes and changes to the meta elements. Also in this section we will create or modify robots.txt, sitemap.xml, headers, keyword density, internal links, and redirects. We will take into consideration all aspects of your site and we will also address issues related to incorrect site display or low upload speed.

SEO OFF-PAGE: represents all actions performed outside the site and takes place after on-page optimization of the site.

What are the stages and strategy of an on-line SEO ON-PAGE campaign?

1. Optimizing / Modifying Site Architecture

2. Internal linking structure

3. Relevance of SEO elements (title, h1, tag, etc.)

4. Upload page speed / site speed

5. Signs of duplicate content

6. Structure of SEO friendly URLs

7. SSL Certificate (Securing with Https)

8. Structure of breadcrumbs

9. Indexing and crawling

10. Location of the keywords in the page and their weight

11. Website optimization for mobile variants

12. Content size on page

13. Frequency of internal content update

What is Google Analytics?

The interpretation of the information displayed in the account shows us the quality of the traffic and the sources that generate it. Google Analytics is a must have to monitor any type of campaign on a web site. Whether we are talking about SEO or Google AdWords campaigns, we can analyze the performance of the targeted words here, and make decisions about how they work. We mention that for keywords, the most important factor to follow is conversion, and then it can analyze the time spent in the site by those who arrived on the site after these kw, the number of pages visited and the bounce rate.