15% discount when purchasing web maintenance for at least 12 months.

Web maintenance features:

  • Interventions: unlimited
  • Intervention time: 24h
  • Back-up: unlimited
  • Additional interventions: unlimited
  • Updating website content
  • Updating website design
  • Improve website design
  • Check internal links
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What is web maintenance?

Since the launch of a website, few have been making improvements along the way. Surveillance, maintenance and updating of it becomes mandatory if it is desired to develop its search and visit, but also to increase the company's reputation and income. Web maintainance includes a wide range of services, ranging from modifying an image to completely redesigning the website, and offering the benefit of permanent surveillance and fast intervention.

What is web administration?

It is one of the essential aspects of any site. Whether your business is at the top of the road, it's a mature business or just a presentation page, blog or other online content you want to share with others, a proper administration is the key to assuring your site much better results and a pleasant experience for visitors. Starting from a simple presentation page to a complex portal with countless sections, databases, shopping cart, etc., your site is an internet business card because of any interaction of a visitor with a an experience is born, and your interest is that this experienced visitor sentiment is obligatory for one of professionalism and quality. The presentation of the products your company markets is greatly diminished if the site you are presenting is not updated, it has syntax errors, or it is simply noticed that it is not properly administered. It is also very important that the administration of your site be made by specialists, which will allow you to direct your time and energy only to build your business. Because if you still want to do something, it's better to do everything right from the start!