Facelift for your websiteWEBSITE REDESIGN

When the site no longer benefits or when its appearance is no longer a success of the company's interests, and the concept is outdated with a small number of visitors and is not easy to use, it is time for a redesign.

Poor structuring, lack of content, hard to find pages, tedious navigation, low performance in search engine results, all these are elements that have nothing to look for in your web site.

redesign site web

The online environment is extremely dynamic, and it's possible that today's fashion technology will be past the past in only a month. A website must be permanently updated, maintained and updated periodically.

There are various advantages that a site's redesign can bring. It will help incorporate the latest news and breakthroughs in your business. With time the business expands, and the old site will become incapable of reflecting the current state and include all the products or services your customers should have access to.

At a redesigned site, we can easily integrate modern tools and features to give users a fresh and enjoyable experience. It also helps to improve search engine results, as it is known that search engines appreciate the new content and design.

An important advantage is increasing attractiveness to users. A site with the latest features included will surely attract more customers than one with an old and broken look.

Is your site obsolete and no longer attracts visitors? Normally, the graphic theme of a website needs to be changed slightly once a year and totally rebuilt every 2-3 years. If your site carries the same coat for years, then it's time to think about a total web redesign.

Some aspects that will help you evaluate your existing site for re-design are:

  • General web strategy
  • Ease of navigation
  • Usefulness of content
  • Graphics overview
  • It is not responsive
  • Your business has changed a lot

Our redesign and modifying / upgrading services include:

  • Partial or total modification of the graphical theme.
  • Changing the internal link string.
  • Updating content
  • Add web pages to the current site structure.
  • Adding new links to the current structure of internal links.
  • Adding new features: forms, modules, animations, etc.
  • SEO and user optimization.
  • Reconstruction of site on the structure of a CMS platform.
  • Adding content management panel.